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The Association for the Sustainable Quality of Living( Istidama) https://istidama-eg.org/ is on a mission to achieve Egypt’s comprehensive vision for the year 2030. We are passionate about providing decent work opportunities and increasing the percentage of women’s employment.

We take a deep interest in encouraging local entrepreneurship and building their capacity by implementing suitable education and training programs and networking opportunities.

Of special interest to us is energizing the engagement of entrepreneurs in climate change action in the developing world, a field suffering from inadequate enabling environments.

Hence the idea of the Africa Grows Green Awards was launched to drive progress and connect national, regional and international players with regards to attracting and receiving support for innovating climate technologies.

The Awards are organized by House of Management for Training & Consultancy https://houseofmanagementco.com/ a passionate human capacity building company that focuses on growing sustainable businesses through creating more productive work inclusive environments that promote corporate citizenship.

Why Apply
The best achievements, concepts, and projects are the ones that are able to bring viable changes to all industries, cultivating societal improvements, worldwide, whilst prompting awareness towards your excellent achievements and projects.


No “Entry or Acceptance Fees”

Pave Your Path

Win and swing things to your favor! And let your clients come to you.

Multiple Award Programs

Multiple award programs catered to creatives of the business industry.

International Reputation

Expand your clients globally with a win in this prestigious award with an international reach.

Blind Judging

Reputable Experienced judges evaluate the business submissions each year.

Lifetime Recognition

Your award-winning entries will be featured on our Africa Green Awards’ website.

Our Programs
In partnership with a number of private sector companies, Istidama organizes networking bazaars for female entrepreneurs, most of which belong to the informal sector to provide a platform to grow their business and visibility. Read More
In partnership with the Excellence ambassadors’ initiative (Egyrowad) -which aims to economically empower the disabled- the program aims to the economic empowerment and businesses administration for the Disabled. Read More
When you think about your future career, what comes to mind? If you’re like many people, you might envision a steady stream of jobs in one industry, each one bringing you to the next level of success. Read More